Erected in 1891,

this historic pub first offered beer from the Bohemian Brewing Company out of Chicago, IL. Pabst purchased the building in 1898 from Mj MrVicka and in turn, leased the building to a gentleman who opened a tavern and boarding house. Barney Richter purchased the building in the late 1920s. Richter moved to Racine from sunny California after his prize-fighting career ended. It was rumored that many of the top prize fighters from the 20’s and 30’s would stop in to visit. The antique lamps that still light up the interior today were given to Mr. Richter as gifts for the Grand Opening of his restaurant after its third renovation. These lamps are dated back to the early 1800’s. There is even a set of lamps from a horse-drawn hearse hanging at the east end of the building.

In the 60’s,

the Richters sold the building to the Theos family who opened The Ivanhoe Dance Hall. This became a local hang out for the teenagers in town who would listen to live bands, socialize with friends, and of course dance!

Through the late 60’s

and into the early years of the 80’s the building housed a wide variety of taverns and restaurants. The building then sat vacant for 16 years until Doug Nicholson opened The Ivanhoe Pub & Eatery in 2002. To keep with the rich tradition and original tin facade, the owner took on the endeavor to restore the building instead of renovating it. This proved to be an incredibly long and difficult project, yet when all was finished, it was worth the sweat and long hours Doug, along with his family and friends, put into this historic building.

The interior contains

the original white oak beams and Bavarian stained glass. An antique Pabst front bar rail was built into the new bar, which was crafted out of old materials. The liquor shelves were fashioned out of the old register covers and antique milk glass found in the basement. Proudly sitting upon the stage is an antique players piano from the teens. Sunday afternoons often give this piano a chance to be heard, as the Irish and Old Tyme Session Players come in to enjoy a jam session. The upper walls are filled with antique advertisement signs and artwork. All advertisment signage that adorns the walls of The Ivanhoe is vintage memorabilia. Each one tells a story of a time not so long ago which is still embraced by The Ivanhoe today.

The Ivanhoe Vision

Be the destination where outstanding people gather safely for camaraderie on an equal plane.

Our Mission

I will ensure that I have an upscale Pub & Eatery in downtown Racine that improves the quality of life for my community and my team. We will provide the best service, food, and drinks with consistency and cleanliness, while providing attention to detail and having fun. We will work with 5 core values, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Profitability, Passion, and Fun. -Doug Nicholson